Sales: Attitude is Key


The selling profession can be a great field for the right person. What makes a person right for sales? There are a few important characteristics, the most important one being a good attitude. When we speak of having a good attitude in sales, we think of a constellation of qualities such as being focused, positive, coachable and goal oriented.

Is it possible to succeed in the selling profession if you do not possess the aforementioned attributes? I suppose it is possible. A lot of things are possible. However, we would be well advised to think of what is not simply possible but what is probable. Who is more likely to succeed in sales, an individual who is always negative and rejects coaching or someone who has an upbeat attitude and readily accepts guidance?

Written by Jay Bildstein on February 28, 2015 @ 12:09 pm

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Sales: Attitude is Key

The selling profession can be a great field for


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