Jabar Gaffney

Jabar Gaffney

It has been a rough season for the 2005 Houston Texans, but players continue to keep positive knowing their NFL off season is nearby. Jabar Gaffney was the Houston Texans second round pick in their first NFL Draft in 2002 out of the University of Florida. He has been a starter on offense for the Houston Texans at the wide receiver position since their inaugural season and played in their first regular season game back in 2002.

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Chris Yandek: First off how are you?

Jabar Gaffney: “I am doing pretty good.”

CY: What have you and the rest of your Houston Texans teammates done to keep positive through this tough season as we get into the off season?

JG: “We are just sticking together as a team. We know we are having a rough season. It’s rough on everybody involved. We just keep pushing each other. We have to keep in mind that this is our job. We got to go out there every week and give it our all.”

CY: What has Houston Texans head coach Dom Capers said to you guys to help you guys get through this season and still try to be competitive every week?

JG: “He starts the week with a team meeting. We just gotta stick to the plan. Things have been going bad. In the last couple of weeks we have lost in the last seconds these last three weeks. It’s tough. He just tells us to keep fighting and hope things will turn around for you.”

CY: The Houston Texans are most likely to get the first pick in the NFL Draft. Do you think the Houston Texans offense would welcome Reggie Bush’s running and offensive power if Houston Texans management chooses to select him?

JG: “Yes. If they choose to go that way we would welcome him here. Hopefully he can come here and help out whoever. We just need to get things turned around and whoever we bring in can also be an addition.”

CY: What was it like to be selected by the Houston Texans second overall in their first NFL Draft in 2002 and be here since the beginning and play in their first regular season game?

JG: “It was a great feeling being part of a new franchise. Been here every step of the way. That first game was amazing. I have never been in the playoffs or Super Bowl, but that’s how it felt. That first game was just electrifying.”

CY: Why do you think it’s been so tough for Houston Texans starting quarterback David Carr this season and the rest of the offense to get going?

JG: “I am not really sure. We have just been struggling as a whole. Some passes have been dropped. Some incorrect reads. David has been getting pressured and been getting frustrated. It’s been a frustrating year. It seems like it’s been a snowball effect. Everything has been going wrong.”

CY: Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has hired legendary NFL coach Dan Reeves to be a consultant for this NFL team. What are your thoughts on having a coach like him around your team’s club house to help you guys out through the rest of the season?

JG: “I think it’s a great thing. Bringing in somebody like that who is legendary coach, he’s been to numerous Super Bowls, and it’s great to have someone with that kind of experience around here. Any kind of insight he has we’ll be glad to take it. Just to help us out.”

CY: What was it like to follow in your dad’s footsteps first becoming a wide receiver like him at the University of Florida and then becoming a wide receiver in the NFL?

JG: “It was great. Growing up I was forced to watch his game tapes. I was always telling him how good he was. He’s pretty much taught me everything I know about football and the wide receiver position.”

CY: You and another University of Florida player whose now with the Philadelphia Eagles Lito Sheppard are cousins. How great was it for you two along with Rex Grossman to be the center and play on the last Steve Spurrier team at the University of Florida and did you think you would be on his last coached team?

JG: “It was great playing with Steve Spurrier and being part of that last team in the Spurrier era. I didn’t think that was going to be the last time Steve Spurrier coached. We would talk all the time. He would ask the players if they were coming back and we never saw it coming. He never told us. It kind of just took us by surprise as much as everyone else. While in high school during the recruiting process me and Lito both chose to go there. We both ended up staying the same amount of time.”

CY: Are you shocked Steve Spurrier chose to coach the University of South Carolina?

JG: “I was very shocked. I always thought if he came back here it would be part of the Florida Gators again. He went over to South Carolina and is having a lot of success. I wish him all the best except against the University of Florida.”

CY: How enjoyable was it to go out in the 2002 Orange Bowl when Florida dominated Maryland 56-23 with a perfect performance?

JG: “That was great. That was probably one of our best performances overall out of the whole time I was there. We just went down there and everything seemed to be going right. We started Brock Berlin and he came in and did a great job. We brought in Rex Grossman and he came in and did a great job. It’s like we were clicking on all cylinders.”

CY: Finally, what do you think is left to achieve besides getting to the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl for your NFL career?

JG: “I want to get to the playoffs first and eventually win a Super Bowl. If all that goes well hopefully I can end up in the Pro Bowl one of these years.”

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