Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher

The Chicago Bears are one game away from the Super Bowl as they host the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game this weekend. Brian Urlacher has been a leader on the Chicago Bears defense at the linebacker position as he gets set to play in the biggest game of his career. I had a chance to catch up with one of the biggest NFL stars in a NFL conference call this week.

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Chris Yandek: How do you stop Drew Brees this weekend?

Brian Urlacher: “Pressure on the quarterback is always nice. If we can get some guys in his face, put him in some bad situations, second and long and third long, we think we’ll have a chance to make some plays. He’s a good quarterback. He’s done it all season long, made plays. He’s gonna make plays on us. We just have to tackle the guys when they catch the ball and get them on the ground.”

CY: Many kids growing up want to emulate their offensive stars, do you think maybe you’ve showed some kids it’s cool to play defense as well?

BU: “I hope so because I love defense obviously. I play there. I love it. The thing about defense I think is that you don’t have to have someone else call the play for you to get the ball or whatever like you do on offense or someone throw you the ball. If you don’t make plays it’s your fault, so on defense you kind of dictate your own thing, but number one thing I try to do is have fun. I think you see that when we are playing as a defense. We have a good time when we are out there. I hope that’s the number one thing kids take away from this game is fun.”

CY: Do you feel that you have to make any adjustments this weekend because you are playing the most high powered offense in the NFL?

BU: “We do all season long. It’s times that hurt us and times that we have been successful, but we are not gonna really change. We don’t double anybody. We don’t really change. Our defense is pretty simple. We do what we do and try to make offenses adjust to us.”

CY: Do you feel because of the season the Saints had last year that here they are now and no one expected them to be here. Do you feel they feel like they have nothing to lose this weekend?

BU: “I don’t really know. That’s how we feel too. No one on my team has been to a Super Bowl with the Bears so we can say the same thing. I know they had a tough season last year going through everything they went through. We can say the same thing. Once you get to this point you have nothing to lose. You want to get there and win that big game.”

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