Cardinals’ Bertrand Berry Talks NFC Title Game

Chris Yandek caught up with Arizona Cardinals defense end Bertrand Berry on an NFL conference call. They discussed the upcoming NFC Championship Game with the Philadelphia Eagles and what it would mean to the city of Arizona to go to a Super Bowl.

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Chris Yandek: What are you most concerned about when you’re playing the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend?

Bertrand Berry: “They’re a versatile offense. They get in and out of there steps pretty quick and, obviously, everything starts with Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. Those are their two playmakers. You have to give those guys their due respect. They’ve been doing it for a very long time. Both have been in five conference championships. These guys are experienced. They know how to win at this level. We’re the ones that have everything to prove. These guys have been there and done this so when you look at where it starts, even with the team, obviously their defense is outstanding and they do a lot of great things, but when you think about the Eagles, you always think about Donovan and obviously Brian Westbrook.

I think he’s one of the top backs in the league. He beats you a lot of different ways, with running the ball and also catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s a multi-dimensional threat and it’s a matter of us meeting the challenge and going out there and playing solid, disciplined defense. If we do that, then we got a pretty good chance.”

CY: There were many critics who said after the way you guys finished the regular season that you would be lucky to win one playoff game. What changed at the end of the regular season to the last two performances in the last two playoff games?

BB: “Nothing really. We’ve just locked in. We’ve gotten focused. We’ve had some really good weeks of practice and everybody really understands what’s at stake and guys have just made it up in their mind that we’re just not ready to end the season yet. So you combine that with the fact that we’ve had the good practices and everything has been sharp and we’ve had some good fortune go our way, that’s what happens. You have to get hot and a little bit lucky at the same time and we’ve been fortunate to be both of those things, starting with Seattle, and it’s carried on into the last couple games. Hopefully it will continue and hopefully the good luck and the good fortune will still be with us there on Sunday.”

CY: So what would it mean if you guys do end up in a Super Bowl to this city and organization?

BB: “It would just mean that we’ve taken the step, a big step, in the right direction and that this organization can be known for winning. It would be great for all these guys because the majority of the guys in this locker room have not had success in the playoffs and, obviously, have not been to a Super Bowl so this is something big that really words can’t describe it. When you think about what’s happened here the last couple decades, which you guys have pointed out, there hasn’t been a whole lot to cheer about. To be in this position now is definitely a great feeling and something I’ll always remember.”

CY: So will you have any different kind of preparation for this coming weekend or will it be pretty much or is it just the same for you and your teammates you think?

BB: “No, you really want to keep it the same. You want to keep it status quo. You don’t want to get too caught up in the moment and try to do too much. You just want to go out and prepare the way you prepared to get yourself in this position. You don’t want to put any more pressure on yourself because, trust me, I mean you guys are doing a great job of putting pressure on us. We just want to continue to be business as usual and go forth as we’ve always done and try to get a win on Sunday.”

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