Black Pegasus, David Schoelles: Music Best Tool Against Immigration Ignorance

US immigration, and the alleged lack of racial tolerance in the states, continue to spark debate. Colorado-based rapper Black Pegasus, who happens to be of both African American and Mexican descent, acknowledges issues like the overcrowding of hospitals, but calls for “a better way.”

Music manager, producer and concert promoter David Schoelles who happens to live in Arizona, points out that Hispanics in Arizona make up one-third of the state.

Both join Chris Yandek and CY Interview to dicuss the issue.

Black Pegasus at Redrocks
Black Pegasus at Redrocks

Black Pegasus:  “This is not the right way…it’s racial’s really a war on a person of color. That’s all it is.” He goes on to say, “We have Russian and Irish immigrants here but their not going to be the ones pulled over and harrassed.”

David Schoelles:  “[Referring to the music industry] Everyone needs to do more on this issue.  When you think about Alexandra’s [Taveras] single, Land of the Free, she’s done it in both English and Spanish. That’s a great thing because not only do the Mexicans but entire hispanics, Latinos, the Spaniards…they all need to get behind it.”

David Schoelles With Big-B & Everlast at 2010's Epicenter in Los Angeles
David Schoelles With Big-B & Everlast at 2010's Epicenter in Los Angeles

The common thread with most of the musicians we talk to is the fact that music bridges cultural gaps.  Both Schoelles and Black P believe there is a need for more music projects for bringing everyone together.

Listen to the David Schoelles and Black P interview:

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Interviewed by: Chris Yandek
Produced by: Bridget Zeuner
Synopsis written by: Bridget Zeuner

7 Replies to “Black Pegasus, David Schoelles: Music Best Tool Against Immigration Ignorance”

  1. Do Something

    The entertainment industry should be encouraging folks to get out there and vote against politicians who support this racist, narrow-minded thinking. It’s not enough to say it’s wrong; people must ACT. The younger generation is so apathetic — all they seems to care about is Hollywood gossip, the latest technology, and what Snooky is doing this week. This isn’t an issue that is just about brown people; it affects EVERYONE so everyone should be on the front line causing a commotion.

  2. Fuck Racism

    This is amazing how the music industry is standing up to this useless “RACISM”. The right wingers are so scared that they are soon going to be the minority in the Grand Ol’ US OF A.

    Great article to all.


  3. Delagry

    I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – however I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

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