Earnest Cobb: The Self-Professed, Multimillion Dollar Slot Machine Winner Writes Book on Winning Big at the Old-One-Arm-Bandit. Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

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You’ve heard stories of big jackpot winners in things like Powerball and the lottery. After the winners are identified, the first question that comes up is, “What will you do with the money?” Earnest Cobb, a self-professed multimillion dollar winning slot machine player, claims to have given away most of the money he’s won.

Every once in a while you hear one of these extraordinary gambling stories. No doubt, you scratch your head and wonder if it is true. Might Earnest Cobb be the Billy Walters [arguably America’s most successful sports bettor] of slot machines? You can decide for yourself.

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Earnest Cobb, who claims to be a former member of the U.S. Army, says he has won over $10.3 million dollars playing slot machines and has given away approximately 7 to 8 million of it. Considering his purported success, it is interesting that Cobb states he’s never been asked to leave a casino:

“I’ve won over $10.3 million dollars in slot jackpots…The casinos mainly don’t want a person in there that’s cheating…Nothing that I do, there’s no cheating involved. It’s a spiritual thing. It’s a karma thing and it’s just a me being a great person type of thing. When I hit slot jackpots, I give away a lot of money. And I do that because you know I feel as though it’s better to given than to receive… To date out of the $10.3 million, I think I gave away probably $7 or $8 million dollars…I’ve been doing it since I was in the army playing slots over in Germany back in the 90s.”

When it comes to winning money playing slots, Cobb says that timing and good karma are some of the reasons why he’s been successful playing a game he admits is not in a person’s favor.

“It’s all about timing…When you run into a slot machine that has a low payout percentage, those don’t even matter either because it’s all about timing. Somebody can go and drop hundreds of dollars in a slot machine, win nothing and then someone else can come right up, put some money in and hit a jackpot. I’ve done it many times…The odds is not in our favor, but when you’re playing a game of chance, any game of chance, whether it’s roulette or 21 or whatever, you always want to hope for the best…If I go into a casino with a couple grand to play with and I lose probably $16, $1700 dollars, I stop and then I go and give away the other two, three hundred dollars. Just helping somebody, it’s amazing what it can do for my karma and for the jackpot.”

Mr. Cobb believes his spirituality and belief in God is a factor as to why he’s been so purportedly successful winning at slot machines.

“First know, they are only going in there with what they’re willing to lose…You want to try and do something for someone that you don’t know…I don’t like using the word pay it forward because I’ve been doing that before they even came up with the word pay it forward…but you want to show the lord that you’re not so taken by money to where you don’t care about people. I love people. No matter what color, no matter what gender, I love them. You know and when you sincerely love people, things just happen. It’s not luck. It’s nothing more than really believing in the Lord. Some people will say well, you shouldn’t talk about God and gambling, well, when the vow is said and done, none of us are perfect and I think every jackpot I hit I was blessed with it.”

MR Cobb claims that on a show on the TLC Network, he was filmed playing slot machines. He says he ended up winning $1800 and then gave it away:

“They followed me. I was the only guy, as far as I know, I’m was the only man in the state of Michigan to be filmed while he was playing slots in Michigan and yup I hit a jackpot and gave it away. But then I was giving away even before I hit that jackpot. They did a lot of editing, but yeah, I did that and it made me feel good because when it’s all said and done, when I’m able to give to somebody who don’t expect it, then that makes me let them know that that was a blessing from the lord.”

Earnest has laid out his slot machine formula in a book titled The Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots. I wondered why Mr. Cobb would want to give his secrets away and bring attention to himself? This was his response:

“For one, I’m not greedy and then for two, I really want to show people that if I can do it, anybody could do it. And since this book’s been out, people have already got back with me and let me know that they’d hit jackpots and you know they had a whole bunch of luck because of it. And my whole thing is something to be able to give back to the people…I’ve been in the casino so much. I read one slot book that was just, it they just lied and I couldn’t take it no more. So I decided to write a book to let people know how I do it and in my book it’s let you know about different intervals that I go through as far as hitting the buttons and all kinds of good stuff.”

To gamblers and non-gamblers alike, Earnest Cobb’s story is sure to be intriguing. As for a formula to win at slots? Hmmm, I don’t know. It stretches the bounds of my imagination. Whatever the case, Cobb is an interesting individual.

You can find more information about Earnest Cobb and his book Secrets of Hitting More Jackpots at www.theslotguru.com.

You can email Chris Yandek at ChrisYandek@CYInterview.com


  1. Ayanna says:

    The first time I seen the slot guru was yesterday when I was watching The Lottery change my life and it brought tears to my eyes and brought hope back in my life ,to whom his worlds and kindness saved a life, so if it was just away you could just tell him I said thank you from the bottom of my heart, because at that moment things were very f.a.t.a.l , thank you again..

  2. jessie says:

    I watched the program and it was very refreshing to see someone actually care about others, and giving back. Yes, Karma is so important I believe it plays a huge part in peoples lives.Kudos to you Mr. Cobb.

  3. Erica says:

    Love it that you stayed positive through out your whole incredible experience! Congratulations Mr. Cobb! #Erica

  4. mary says:

    I strougle so please tell me how do you do it i try and try but never get out of myfinacial problems.

  5. Employee says:

    I work at a casino and have paid Mr. Cobb hundreds of thousands of dollars in jackpots and have not yet received a tip from this man. Who, I ask is he “giving this money” away to?

    • employee too says:

      He doesnt tip the slot attendants paying his jackpots??? How is he saying his karma is so good?

      • employee too is right says:

        That’s true that wouldn’t be giving, especially since you are expecting it and have negative energy , he can probably feel your negativity towards him. He gives it to those who didn’t expect it.

  6. Funny! Its seems they having a return of bad luck.

  7. Cynthia B. says:

    I read his story and loved it. Some of us are not so lucky but I will keep praying. Some people won’t understand how beautiful it is to give back to people in need. I take pride in what I do also. To all of you who have such negativity to say. I say this, volunteer by reading books to children or serving meals to the homeless and then you understand his effort in giving back.

    • heisaconartist says:

      haha! LMFAO!!! giving back to people in need so they can put it in a slot machine. that is just too hillarious.

  8. Ladysoul4lyfe says:

    I have known Earnest since the first grade. He has ALWAYS been the sweetest person (except when he was teasing me, calling me Crystal Ball! LOL). I am so happy that he is so successful. He definitely deserves it!!!

  9. Sam says:

    I also work at a casino and I can say for a fact that he does tip generously. I’ve seen him do it multiple times. Also I’ve seen him buy food for the whole staff. He really is a nice guy. Never acts superior to anyone else or has ridiculous requests.

    • Steven Jones says:

      This is laughable at its best. Too funny. He doesnt give all that money away. He might of won 10.3 million, but most likely has put more then that back into it. Many have seen him loose 30,000-60,000 in an evening. His stategy is to put a lot of money in the machines until he gets fricken lucky. 99.99 pct of this stuff hes feeding you is BS and hes hook on gambling and needs a sorce of imcome to support it or else he would be broke. He goes in cycles, he loose big time and then not be seen for a few months. Ive heard from many hes broke. This is a gimick that he came up with just a year or so ago to attempt to make money on pure luck. Fools will believe this only. Ernest is a true joke. I know many others at many casinos that have won more over a period of time, but you have to sometimes loose 30,000 up to 50,000 a night, to keep on winning big. You should talk with a bunch of high stakes people in all casinos and they will tell you the same. Winning 10.3 million and he gave away 7-8 million….lmfao……Theres times where he and many have won 100,000 or more a night, but inbetween wins and bad luck you put more then that through out the night. Use your logic people and do your research. Dont be conned by Ernest the con-artist.

  10. Sam says:

    This was made up BS to con people and a bad attempt to get u to believe Ernest and what he is shoveling out. Give me a break. Are u people that stupid??

    • heisaconartist says:

      Makes you wonder why he supposedly gives all that money away, but feels the need to sell his book instead of just giving it away on his website. This just reeks of a con.

      • jill says:

        What’s wrong with charging $20 for your expertise and time/energy into sharing that expertise? He SHOULD charge for this and if you don’t feel it’s a value, don’t buy the book 🙂

  11. Sam says:

    Most of these first name only people are bogus. Ernest is attempting to crate this illusion for you. If u google slot guru’s, you will see many out there selling info. That is simple logic and he is self promoting a fantasy for u to leech on to. Wake up people and do your research. Hes a person from Detroit that is jobless and this is a desperate attempt to make money. He broke and only has enough cash to play for the next month only at all times and now he’s trying to have u fund his gambling habit.

  12. John f says:

    Not true and BS. I’m an employee there and over heard them talking about this scam they were creating a couple of years ago.

  13. Sam says:

    Woah. Ok I never said I believe anything he says. Or follow anything he does. Never read his book. Never will. All I’m trying to say is I have seen him tipping people. He’s tipped me so I have nothing bad to say about him. I could care less about his ideas and thoughts on how to “win” in the casinos.

  14. Gambler says:

    Very few people ever come ahead playing slots. All those claiming to have financial struggles and hoping for advice on how to win at slots, why not put that time and energy into finding a real job? With honest work, the money will come to you guaranteed! Why is it that those who can least afford to gamble want to take on the risk of further losses? What a crazy society!

  15. Non-believer says:

    I have read his book and there really are no tips on how to win. He tells how he plays the slots, always playing max ( that’s a given if you want to hit progressives or bonuses), hits the replay button fast consecutively….big deal – that doesn’t promote a win. But the one thing I did note in his book which was repeated numerous times was a subliminal message he throws out there. He tells people to go out there and use his methods and give back to the people and give back to him…..a direct quote -“give back!!! Yes, the slot guru is so sure you are going to start hitting I want my cut, that’s right…buying the book was minimal, compared to what’s coming your way. And I want my tenth. Your karma will change if you don’t comply”…..blah blah blah. “if you master one of my techniques you will be a happy person. Now read on so i can get my cut once you start making the lights off…”. Hmmm…makes you wonder now doesn’t it.

  16. Sarah says:

    Wow Ernest I see you have a lot of people that dislike you!! This is a shame some people just can’t stand to see other people happy or make it!! And as far as him giving everyone a tip that’s rediculous he has also served the country that should b good enough people tip outta there heart and they don’t owe anyone anything!! I think all of you should just b a shamed of yourselves.. Money is the root to all evil!!! Keep up the good work Ernest and take care of yourself your a good person… Your friend Sarah;)

  17. Sarah says:

    Ernest I seen you Thursday morning in the mist of the snow storm at four am n I beeped and flashed my lights to get your attention sped pass me because you were driving about 55 to 60 miles a hour lol I was hoping to get your attention to say hi… I am the one who bought your book and you signed it for me… Just thought I would tell u!! Until we meet again your friend Sarah:)

  18. david says:

    Saw Ernest on TLC today, 0192013, His experience is very interesting and uplifting
    playing the slots. I play weekly and use to win often twenty years ago but have not hit a jackpot over $10,000.00 in the last last ten years.

  19. Miss Kitty says:

    This guy is a loser and a con artist. Trust me I speak from personal experience!

  20. Douglas Barnes says:

    Keep up the good work! God will bless you for helping others less fortunate; They’ll be haters everywhere you go. P.S.- teach me your system.

  21. Jasmine says:

    I’m really curious because this man claims to use the same method as the late Helene Hadsell. She was born 1924 and died 2010, and sometime during her life she took Jose Silva’s mind development “positive thinking” classes. Afterwards, Helene developed a method: SPEC, and used it to win every contest she entered for about 50 years straight. She taught her family that method and wrote a book about it. Basically if she needed or just wanted something, she won it. She won a house, cars, multiple trips to Europe and Disney World, TVs, washer dryer, microwaves, radios, money, etc. And like Earnest she stressed the importance of positive thinking and being generous always sharing your gifts with others.
    I’m wondering if he knew Helene Hadsell or knew of her, or did he come up with that same method on his own and that method just happens to work wonderfully for both of them, and anyone else truly willing to give it an honest shot?

  22. marcy says:

    Judging from all of the comments about how ernest is such a blessing i think it is safe to say that you all are a bunch of degenerate gamblers. God have mercy on you lol

  23. I would like to get his book. How can I get it?

  24. Kora Sadler says:

    I was skeptical too at first until I made it my business to see him in action so I went to Fire keepers in Michigan and I watched him play for an hour and within the first 5 minutes of him playing he had a jackpot of $38,000. This happened around 7:30pm in front of a crowd of 20 or so people who were just as curious. The machines are not rigged and the only thing I saw him do that changed the way I play is he puts in $100 bills only and plays games with bonus rounds. Each game he plays is max bet. Also you do have to be positive about playing because what you believe will come to light. If you keep thinking negative than you will get negativity. I tried his methods and they work I don’t hit huge jackpots but I win 85% of the time and I walk out with what I started with. I never leave my money with the house. He will be glad to show you what he does he thrives off of haters. Google me I’m real! @korasadler

  25. Kimberly A Spurgeon says:

    Well where he is i can use some of his hand out im a hard working single mom of 6 i never ran into him where you at Earnest i can definitely use a hand out i bless others all the time i havent had good Karma yet!!!


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