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Beyonce Demonstrates Musical Diversity in Super Bowl Halftime Show; Past CYInterview Guest Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams Join Her for Destiny’s Child Reunion

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show brought thrills. Beyonce showed why she is one of the top entertainment talents today. In addition to Ms. Knowles showing her stuff, a great moment in girl group history occurred. In the middle of her halftime performance, Beyonce was joined by her Destiny’s Child group-mates, Kelly Rowland – a past CYInterview guest [see her profile here] and Michelle Williams. It was the first time the group performed together in years. Their repertoire included Independent Women and Single Ladies.

Many remember late 90s and early 2000s now classic Destiny’s Child songs like Survivor and Say My Name. Sunday evening provided a moment to go back in time and enjoy one of pop music’s great female groups.

Long time Destiny’s Child fans tend to have their favorite performer within the group, be it the now mega-star Beyonce, Kelly or Michelle. All three women have continued their individual music careers.

With the group’s new album release last month and the Super Bowl halftime show performance successfully behind them, one has to wonder if Destiny’s Child will go on tour giving fans a chance to, once again, revel in their special brand of pop music.

As for Beyonce, her singing, moves and the special effects during her performance gave the world a broad sampling of her star appeal. For example, Halo provided a perfect representation of who she is as a performer. She exhibited the ability to, in one instant, perform music at a fast pace and then change directions into a slower more reflective number.

Beyonce gave viewers the kind of spectacle many of today’s music fans desire from entertainers. And Destiny’s Child proved it has plenty of destiny left, should it desire to go down that road.

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