A Winner's Creed, a Poem

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Sadness grows in a heart of woes, yet the soul is born of light. We twist and spin in existential winds and our mind is filled with fright. But through it all, we can stand tall and keep our faith and spirit. Remembering to stay true, to life that has due, our unflagging desire to stay in it.

Tired we may be, on land or at sea, of the tumult and misfortunes that find us. When hit by life’s gusts it is always a must that we stand tall and are not easily swayed. Our peers might run fast, in fear and aghast at the challenges that upend mere existence. In comfort ensconced, they may feel they are swamped and desire to keep the fray at a distance. But this is contrary to our creed, while we understand their need to stay cozy in coddled existence.

Written by Jay Bildstein on August 31, 2014 @ 12:29 pm

Best of CY

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