The Inner Universe

Bellagio 2016, Bellagio Las Vegas

More than ever before, we are presented with a seemingly endless array of things to buy, see and do. Many of these things do not even call for us to move. We can access them right from our phones. We can watch videos, chat with friends, send out snippets of our thinking to the world, buy things and have them shipped to wherever we are.

Many times I have said that technological innovation without philosophical evolution is not progress. With each passing day, I believe that more and more.

On one hand, we have the brilliant capacity to create tools. On the other hand, our ability to utilize those tools is often questionable. Part of what technology has done is addicted us to external stimuli. And part of becoming addicted to external stimuli means we are spending less time in quiet contemplation.

Written by Jay Bildstein on May 28, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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Bellagio 2016, Bellagio Las Vegas

The Inner Universe

More than ever before, we are presented with a


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