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The Power of Good Habits

Creativity is important. Energy is important. Imagination is important. Willingness to try new things is important. There are a lot of qualities we might possess which can significantly work to our benefit. However, if we do not have good habits those wonderful qualities might just go to waste.

Talent does not equal success. Natural abilities do not mean that we will necessarily shine in a given area. What ultimately brings us success are our good habits. These good habits work as the fuel which can power us along in the right direction, allowing us to utilize our abilities to a positive end.

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Happy Tidings Song, a Poem

Sing a sampling of soothing sounds Energy and good will do abound Look for it while and when you can Understand the plan beyond mortal man Cookie cutter solutions are shown One size



If you have something to accomplish, create a plan to accomplish it. The plan need not be elaborate. In fact, keep things simple. The simple plan you create



Si tiene algo que lograr, cree un plan para lograrlo. El plan no necesita ser elaborado. De hecho, haga las cosas de forma simple. El plan simple que


Quick Tips for Language Learners

Here are a few quick tips for those people learning a language. Wait. Stop! Actually, all of us are learning a language all the time. And that is


R.I.P. Anne Marie Gill

I only had the opportunity of meeting Anne Marie Gill on two occasions. Those encounters, brief though they were, gave me an opportunity to experience the natural charisma


The Whole Thing

One of the ways to understand something is to break it down into its smallest divisible parts. By breaking something down, whether it is a business, a concept


You Can; a Poem

Time tested. Life bested. Time for another go. Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Don’t give up the show. Now is the time you have waited for, even if


Walk and Be Creative

Try it. Walk and be creative -- really. Oh, and become more productive in general. How many times have you been confronted by a challenge at work and could


Reality is Tough, But…

Movies. Television shows. Video games. There is plenty for us to watch. And in watching, we are able to escape from the reality of our lives. Let’s face

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