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The Miracle of Small

We live in a world that celebrates big. We are told bigger is better. We strive for bigger homes and bigger cars. When it comes to setting a road map for success, we look for quantum leaps toward our goals. Big steps forward beat little ones, we tell ourselves.

I am not anti-big. For the people who can afford big cars and big homes, more power to them. However, when it comes to planning to reach our goals, I am a fan of the miracle of small. You see small steps often lead us to our goals in a way that creates less friction and greater livability than the approach of attempting to reach them in one giant leap. Oh, and the giant leaps often do not succeed.

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Synchronicity of Authenticity

Solace of imperfection walks Voiceless preaching balks Tomato soup can talks Random noise squawks Willing rhyming, skillful, unjust Suffering oxidation, regurgitated, mustard’s ketchup thrust Dog and pony, cats no phony The rest of us


If It Is to Be, It’s Up to Me

Repeat after me, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” I do not recall where I first heard that phrase, but it makes for a


Au Revoir Sweet Sylph, a Poem

I’m on a ship in a wheel. It’s your life you say, big deal. But it’s yours too. Remember, the day’s not through. And so you go in your


Doing Versus Not Doing

Here is the thing, simple as it gets. Doing beats not doing, every day, all day. Of course, there are those people who perpetually make excuses. They have


Think Positive; Be Positive; Act Positive

The mind is an interesting place. We can think great, self-empowering thoughts. We can make plans to accomplish amazing goals. We can dream and develop ways of making

California, Hollywood

The Gold that is Small Steps

The 86th Academy Awards took place a week ago, today. That celebration of Hollywood, watched by millions around the world, should remind us of the power that entertainment


The Average Every Person

To those fools who claim they know When trekking through life’s barren snow Who ascribe a meaning when there’s none Then fall apart when their will’s not done Blaspheming dolts of an


The Danger of Knowing?

Who thinks of knowledge as a limitation? Not many people I suspect. Frankly, I quite often find myself telling people that knowledge is power. However, I wonder if

Cape Town, South Africa

Hard Lived Truths

Hard lived truths to keep our roofs Cast about, cast away, forgotten for another day Hard lives, hard lies, today one lives Tomorrow one dies In an instant, in a hole Young and

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