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Recharging Your Batteries

Life has its ups and downs and the world of business is no different. Virtually every day, there are new challenges to surmount. Particularly for entrepreneurs and people who have gone into business for themselves, the daily beat drumbeat of challenges can be draining. These individuals have to deal with any number of decisions and tasks which are often outside their particular area of knowledge. That can certainly zap any person’s energy level.

As far as folks who are employees, they have to face numerous challenges too. Not only do they have their work to do, but they have to make sure they function well within the institutional structure of their company. Fitting into a specific corporate culture can, at times, feel like an energy drag.

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Fascinating and Sincere, Multifaceted Actress Bai Ling Talks the Craft of Acting, Hollywood, More

Discussing the actor’s craft, Hollywood, the Internet and life in general, it becomes apparent that actress Bai Ling is an intelligent and reflective individual. Over the last 20


Man Bun, Undone

I Hipster Man Bun, undone Washing it, with small batch shampoo That's how we do, in Brooklyn New Brooklyn that is Reborn, to the scorn of some long timers Two slices and a soda Semi-gone Kale


Moments of Joy

Eat your favorite food. Take a walk. Look at a beautiful flower. Listen to your favorite song. All these things can bring you moments of joy. However, that


Momentos de felicidad

Comer nuestra comida favorita. Salir a dar una caminata. Ver una bella flor. Todas estas cosas nos pueden traer momentos de felicidad. Sin embargo, muchas veces estos momentos

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Energy and Success

Years ago, I heard a saying I have come to really like: “If you have talent and energy, you're king. If you have only energy and no talent,

Bellagio 2016, Bellagio Las Vegas

The Inner Universe

More than ever before, we are presented with a seemingly endless array of things to buy, see and do. Many of these things do not even call for


All of the Above

What is the best way to succeed in business? Let’s list some possibilities: 1.) Be self-motivated. 2.) Work on self-improvement. 3.) Work on acquiring needed skills. 4.) Develop


Todo lo anterior

¿Cuál es la mejor manera de tener éxito en los negocios? Vamos a hacer una lista de las posibilidades: Primero, sea auto motivado. 2. Trabaje para su auto mejoramiento.


Slow Dance of Change, a Poem

Stranded on a desert island of my mind. No palms, no blue waters, the sky not divine. The void, inescapable and deep. Standing but asleep on my feet.

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