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Moments of Joy

Eat your favorite food. Take a walk. Look at a beautiful flower. Listen to your favorite song. All these things can bring you moments of joy. However, that joy is only realized if we are cognizant of it. Unfortunately, too many times the joyful moments in our lives go unrecognized. If we could perceive and remember the joyful moments we experience, we will be bound to feel greater happiness, in our lives, in general.

Interestingly, when people cannot do certain things they feel unhappy. If the doctor tells you that you cannot eat your favorite food, you might initially feel unhappy. If you lose your ability to walk or see or hear, you will no doubt find yourself with a challenge to your happiness. That is not to say that you cannot overcome those impediments and still be happy. Yet, they will certainly present challenges to happiness.

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Momentos de felicidad

Comer nuestra comida favorita. Salir a dar una caminata. Ver una bella flor. Todas estas cosas nos pueden traer momentos de felicidad. Sin embargo, muchas veces estos momentos

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Energy and Success

Years ago, I heard a saying I have come to really like: “If you have talent and energy, you're king. If you have only energy and no talent,

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The Inner Universe

More than ever before, we are presented with a seemingly endless array of things to buy, see and do. Many of these things do not even call for


All of the Above

What is the best way to succeed in business? Let’s list some possibilities: 1.) Be self-motivated. 2.) Work on self-improvement. 3.) Work on acquiring needed skills. 4.) Develop


Todo lo anterior

¿Cuál es la mejor manera de tener éxito en los negocios? Vamos a hacer una lista de las posibilidades: Primero, sea auto motivado. 2. Trabaje para su auto mejoramiento.


Slow Dance of Change, a Poem

Stranded on a desert island of my mind. No palms, no blue waters, the sky not divine. The void, inescapable and deep. Standing but asleep on my feet.


Authenticity Do, a Poem

Awake? Baked cake a mistake? Partake too late? Delay at your peril. Life will never be sterile. There is no perfect time to act. And if your life


Friends on a Bench, a Tale

[*Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between a weasel, lark, squirrel or other animal in this tale and a weasel, lark, squirrel, other animal


Scrambled Brain/Keep the Faith, a Poem

Scrambled brain, it hurts. No more prose; that’s for pros. Instead, here, words unwed, strewn together in a swirl of clattering sound. Often not particularly profound. Some kind

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