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Family 2014, They Can, Can

They Can; I Can

Here is a little tip for success I call, “They can; I can.”

You might utilize this tip when you need to approach a particular challenge. Challenges can be exhilarating, yet they can also be frustrating. When we find ways to manage our frustration, we increase our ability to meet a challenge. Frustration can be overcome with inspiration.

“They can; I can” is based on the power of example, or should I say numerous positive examples. Let’s say you work for a company and are tasked with learning a new skill. Maybe the organization you work for wants you to learn a new language. Perhaps, you need to learn new computer skills.

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Ellos pueden, yo puedo

Aquí tienen un pequeño consejo para el éxito, al cual llamo “Ellos pueden, yo puedo”. Pueden utilizar este consejo cuando traten de abordar un reto en particular. Los


Alive in Colors; a Poem

Green is the color I see in my mind, of life and growth, of time beyond time. It gives me hope like the lush of the forest. A


Sampson Strong Reads; a Tale

[*Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between a character in this tale and any person living or dead are merely coincidental.] “No song need be


Y luego, actúe

En varias ocasiones he escrito acerca de la necesidad de tener planeación apropiada como una manera de lograr una meta. Esta meta podría estar en el área de


And Then Act

On various occasions I have written about the need for proper planning as a way to accomplish a goal. This goal could be within the realm of school,


A Bunch of Stuff Hit Me! A Poem

A bunch of stuff hit me. And so goes life; birth, toil and often strife. But let’s face it; life dishes up good stuff too. Hard to remember


Challenges and Lists

Years ago, my father commented to me that “Life deals cards daily.” How true that is. Sometimes we are dealt aces and we feel like we are on


El apremio y la compra

Cuando de compras se trata, el término “apremiante”, usualmente se aplica cuando existe una percepción de tiempo limitado para completar una transacción. Todos hemos leído y escuchado anuncios


A Quick Note to Self

Dear Self, Please pay attention: Life is short. Yeah, you do not like to think about that, but it is. Show the people who are important to you the

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