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Dune Buggy in My Mind, a Poem

Rolling down life’s highway in the dune buggy in my mind.
Up and down, endless rolling hills; taking turns that wind.
Asking questions, looking for answers.
Never hard to find.

The answer we get, the answers we give, the people we meet on the way.
Our questions are the things that power us, not to go astray.
Westward and back, to the east and down, in any direction we travel.
Seeking and searching and striving, we want life’s mysteries to unravel.

The beauty of a brilliant sunset.
A warm sandy beach at our feet.
The smile of good folks welcoming us.
The beauty of the world we greet.

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One of the Basics: Smiling

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Cultivating Optimism

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Awkward Orchid, a Poem

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The Wise, a Poem

You sit around and think. And you realize some of what you thought you knew, you didn’t. You think of the errors you’ve made. At times, it can be tough. Songs play.

Tender Light from Above, a Poem

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The Stuff of Creative Change, a Poem

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Tearful Awakening, a Poem

With a chest full of tears for the human condition Reflecting on loss, sin and potential perdition I sit back and hope Am I just wishing? Perhaps, I’d be better off

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