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Sunshine Hope, a Poem

Obliterating sunlight, casting out the demons of the night. Destroying fear. Restoring hope. Golden rays to bring us home. Home to our aspirations for a better future and a productive now. Obliterating sunlight, pulverizing our fears. Reminding us of what is dear. A source of strength. A source of renewal. The sun, our golden jewel.

Talked to a guy the other day. He said, “There is no hope.” I restrained myself from calling him a word that rhymed. I figured he’d come around in time. That the sun would show him the sublime. That he would come to see the goodness of man. That he could understand a greater plan. But if not, not.

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Consejos breves para aprendientes de idiomas

Aqui tienen unos cuantos consejos breves para quienes estan aprendiendo una lengua. Un momengo, alto! De hecho todos estamos aprendiendo un idioma todo el tiempo. Y este es


El poder de los buenos hábitos

La creatividad es importante. La energía es importante. La imaginación es importante. La voluntad de probar cosas nuevas es importante. Hay un montón de cualidades que podríamos poseer


The Power of Good Habits

Creativity is important. Energy is important. Imagination is important. Willingness to try new things is important. There are a lot of qualities we might possess which can significantly


Happy Tidings Song, a Poem

Sing a sampling of soothing sounds Energy and good will do abound Look for it while and when you can Understand the plan beyond mortal man Cookie cutter solutions are shown One size



If you have something to accomplish, create a plan to accomplish it. The plan need not be elaborate. In fact, keep things simple. The simple plan you create



Si tiene algo que lograr, cree un plan para lograrlo. El plan no necesita ser elaborado. De hecho, haga las cosas de forma simple. El plan simple que


Quick Tips for Language Learners

Here are a few quick tips for those people learning a language. Wait. Stop! Actually, all of us are learning a language all the time. And that is


R.I.P. Anne Marie Gill

I only had the opportunity of meeting Anne Marie Gill on two occasions. Those encounters, brief though they were, gave me an opportunity to experience the natural charisma


The Dog Days of Women

The morning of August 26th, I start off my day with a good cup of Veracruz coffee and a peek at one of my social media accounts. What

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