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Sales and Faith

Sales is a faith based activity. That is right. You have to have faith in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how will you ever believe in the product or service you are selling? How will you believe in the imperative of doing the right thing for your customer or prospective customer? Faith in yourself, in fact, is the terra firma upon which success is cultivated, in any endeavor.

Different writers who focus on motivation, self-help and personal achievement have offered a host of ways in which we can cultivate belief in ourselves. Some have suggested that irrespective of what we believe, we should “fake it till we make it,” in a given endeavor. Others have suggested that we “act as if,” when it comes to having an attitude that helps us believe in our ability to do something.

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R.I.P. David G. Town: Unheralded Yet Compelling Scribe Passes in Coatepec

David G. Town, born in Michigan, USA in 1945, has died in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. News of his passing arrived via email on Cinco de Mayo. Mr. Town


Sí pero no (Yes but no)

I find the intersection of culture and language fascinating. Some of us learn new languages simply because we have a passion for them. Then there are those of


Impactful Quotes from Gungahababa, a Tale

At various times and at various places, Gungahababa said: “In the celestial forest, among the flowers and the trees, runs a stream called life, populated by the birds and


The Legacy of Fernando Morales Matus, UV Professor and Marimba Virtuoso

If you walked past him on the sidewalk, you might not notice Fernando Matus (as everyone called him.) His slight figure and austere clothing made him inconspicuous. A


Starting Your Own Business: Initiative

For a large number of us, work is a fundamental part of our lives. And, when it comes to work, we have a choice. We can work for


You Need Not Live in Fear; a Poem

Existential cotton candy The world caught up in drinking brandy Clowns, clowns, they are all around Greetings from pseudo friends abound Hey! Now, the circus has come to town Down and out, a


I Dreamt I Swam Among Gardenias: An American’s Vision of the Ruiz Galindo Hotel

It's amazing how our dreams come true. We are constantly urged to “plan our work and work our plan,” prioritize and establish goals and timeframes in order


Corn Understands; a Poem

Corn. Golden and yellow, it knows what you think. It does. Prove that it does not. Can you? Corn. Ah niblets and their knowledge. The ear of corn,


Overheard Somewhere

The work I do takes me different places and involves listening to what people say. I’m a freelance interpreter and an avid listener. I like to listen to

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