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Veteran College Football Expert Phil Steele Makes Predictions for 8 Biggest College Football Games of Week 1: Says There Will be an Upset or Two

When it comes to non-conference games in week 1 of the college football season, this year’s set of games may be the best ever. With the college football playoff in its second year of existence, teams are now adding better opponents to their schedules. The four teams who play for the national title are selected by a committee who reviews every team’s resume. A win over a strong non conference opponent can be the difference for some team’s national title hopes.

Recently, we welcomed back Phil Steele who is that editor of a yearly college football preview magazine that has been around for more than 20 years [see here]. The NCAA Football expert gives his predictions for the eight biggest games of week 1.

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Birthday Cake, a Poem

Life isn’t all Birthday Cake Not even close Too many of us learn this too late But better late than never, I suppose Champagne might be great And sure, you could get drunk Maybe


La proporción entre el riesgo y la recompensa

En cualquier iniciativa, especialmente en los negocios siempre es bueno considerar la proporción que existe entre el riesgo y la recompensa. Algunas veces, quizá percibimos que lo que

Linq Promenade, Linq Promenade 2016

Risk Reward Ratio

In any endeavor, but particularly in business, it is always good to consider the risk reward ratio. What is this you ask? In very general terms, it can

Cupcake Atm, Cupcake Atm Las Vegas, Sprinkles Cupcakes Atm, Cupcake Atm Las Vegas, Linq Promenade Cupcakes

Cupcakes from an ATM in Las Vegas, Just one of the Delectable Delights to be found in the Entertainment Capital of the World

In downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street, you can buy gold and gold coins out of an ATM machine at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. But for


Your Life, Your Goal

Alarmingly lyrical Soothingly ethereal Just as you like it Why fight it? Don’t throw a fit Instead, use your wit Don’t pick a nit Most of all, don’t split Yesterday is tomorrow If from universal knowledge you


The Body from Bakersfield, Former Pro Wrestler/Mr. Venice Beach, Ric Drasin Talks Recent Health Challenge and Hospital Visit from Former WWE World Champion Steve Austin, More

He was part of the golden age of bodybuilding. He was one Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training partners during that era. He’s been an actor, a pro wrestler and a


Ever Insightful Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig Joins Us to Break Down the Phenomenon of Trolls and Trolling

Recently, Time Magazine published an article titled How Trolls are Ruining The Internet. Whether it is social media, a message board, the comments section of an article and

Jean Philippe Patisserie, Jean Philippe Patisserie Ice Cream, Bellagio Ice Cream, Jean Philippe Patisserie Ice Cream Bellagio, Jean Philippe Patisserie Bellagio

The World’s Biggest Chocolate Fountain is in Las Vegas at the Bellagio’s Jean Philippe Patisserie: An Attraction Worth Seeing and Ice Cream and Other Sweets Worth Eating

The Bellagio in Las Vegas is considered to be one of the top resorts and casinos in the Entertainment Capital of the World. In pop culture, the Bellagio


Duly Noted

Duly noted, no one voted And the Mantis sat upon the bar Gazing at the gal who wanted to be a star “Whisky and Water,” he ordered And that is the disordered

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