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The Dog Days of Women

The morning of August 26th, I start off my day with a good cup of Veracruz coffee and a peek at one of my social media accounts. What I see may seem simple, but it reflects our collective thought.

To start, a congratulatory message comes up on my feed. It’s for the social media itself. It reminds me it’s National Women’s Equality Day. Immediately, my mind wanders to what it must have been like for my grandmothers not having permission to vote; such a fundamental way of shaping the life of a country, a state, a community, families and your very own life. My female ancestors did not have it.

I take a moment to silently thank the brave women who have fought so I can go to the polls and participate in decisions that affect my life. I thank those women who stood up so today, I can go to school, wear pants and many other things we take for granted. So many rights women before me did not enjoy. I also wonder how much more we need to change before women get equal pay in my home state.

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CYInterview’s Chris Yandek Continues to Give Insight into the Life of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, on KROC 1340 AM Out of Rochester, Minnesota

In continuing to pay our respects to pro wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, we had the opportunity to appear on radio station KROC 1340 AM out of Rochester,


The Whole Thing

One of the ways to understand something is to break it down into its smallest divisible parts. By breaking something down, whether it is a business, a concept


Hail Fellow Well Met; a Poem

Hail Fellow Well Met A Writer Sits upon his deck He sits and writes and dreams and thinks While God Almighty Nods and Winks This writer comes from other lands Now, the sands


Chris Yandek and CYInterview Back on The Vinnie Penn Project on Fox News Radio Affiliate 960, WELI: Spoke with Vinnie about “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s Passing

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You Can; a Poem

Time tested. Life bested. Time for another go. Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Don’t give up the show. Now is the time you have waited for, even if


A Rowdy RIP to Roddy Piper: Wrestling Great to Ring in Sky; CYInterview Looks Back at 2003 Chat

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Walk and Be Creative

Try it. Walk and be creative -- really. Oh, and become more productive in general. How many times have you been confronted by a challenge at work and could

Phil Steele Magazine, Phil Steele 2015, Phil Steele College Football 2015

Phil Steele Talks College Football and We Listen: The Oracle of the Collegiate Gridiron Gives Insights on the Teams, the Players, the Coaches and the Likely Bowl Champs

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Reality is Tough, But…

Movies. Television shows. Video games. There is plenty for us to watch. And in watching, we are able to escape from the reality of our lives. Let’s face

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