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Earnie Shavers, One of the Hardest Punchers in Boxing History, Joins Us to Discuss His Life, His Fights, His Training, More

Some consider him to be the hardest hitting puncher in boxing history. Today, Earnie Shavers makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently, he has been making appearances at Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood on behalf of the autograph company Inscriptagraphs, on the Las Vegas Strip. You can see my picture with the boxing legend above.

Known for his fights with Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton and Larry Holmes among others, his boxing record included 74 wins, 68 of them coming by way of knockout, 14 losses and 1 draw. Today, at age 73, Mr. Shavers says he is in good health. He says his eyesight has been repaired through a medical procedure.

When it comes to his prodigious punching ability, Earnie says, “I had that punch from day one.” It was not something he developed over time. Growing up on a farm, chopping wood and other hard labor was what helped developed his strength and power, which served him well in the ring.

Earnie recently joined us to talk about some of his career highlights, as well as his life today. Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joined me for this segment. You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Earnie Shavers CYInterview:

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