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It sounds simple and it is. Smile. Smiling is an incredible key to success in just about anything you choose to do. For some of us smiling comes naturally. For the rest of us, due to being shy or overly self-conscious, smiling is a challenge.

Think about this. If a person smiles at you, are you more or less likely to interact with them? Or, conversely, if a person scowls at you, are you more or less likely to interact with them? Okay, not everyone you smile at is going to smile back. And, no doubt, there are those individuals who, because of their own shyness, might be put off by anything other than a neutral look on your face.

However, by and large, if you smile when you interact with people they are going to be put at ease and feel comfortable in your company. In fact, simply smiling at folks will likely increase your likeability. We like doing business with people we like. We date people we like. We want to be around people we like. We associate with people we like. No one enjoys working with someone grumpy.

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Chester Buys a Beanie, a Tale

Chester was not your average goat. No. He was far more stubborn. In fact, he was said to be more stubborn than four donkeys and three mules. Now

UFC Cofounder, the always insightful Art Davie, talks Shamrock vs. Gracie III, Ronda Rousey’s Loss, More

It was 22 years ago this month that the world of mixed martial arts was changed forever. It was then that first the UFC took place in Denver,

A Chill and Then, a Poem

There’s a chill in the air. I sit and I think. I am a bit cold. This is that time of the year. A time for hope, a

Thanks Grandma

My grandmother lived to be over 100 years old. Her life was not just long but healthy. However, by her mid-nineties her eyesight began to fail and she

Playground of the Mind; a Poem

(*Inspired by the painting Señorita Kreativitet by E. Quevedo.) I was swinging from a branch in my mind. Going back and forth. A wild ride. Playground with unlimited space

You Left Me, But…, a Poem

You had me dazzled. I wasn’t paying much attention. The flash came. I looked. Drawn to the sun. Pulled to the stars. My feet came off the ground.

Walk It Back

I remember going to the doctor when I was a kid. Some things stand out, like the doctor saying to me, “Stick out your tongue and say ah.”

Sunshine Hope, a Poem

Obliterating sunlight, casting out the demons of the night. Destroying fear. Restoring hope. Golden rays to bring us home. Home to our aspirations for a better future and

Consejos breves para aprendientes de idiomas

Aqui tienen unos cuantos consejos breves para quienes estan aprendiendo una lengua. Un momengo, alto! De hecho todos estamos aprendiendo un idioma todo el tiempo. Y este es

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