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Sales: Attitude is Key

The selling profession can be a great field for the right person. What makes a person right for sales? There are a few important characteristics, the most important one being a good attitude. When we speak of having a good attitude in sales, we think of a constellation of qualities such as being focused, positive, coachable and goal oriented.

Is it possible to succeed in the selling profession if you do not possess the aforementioned attributes? I suppose it is possible. A lot of things are possible. However, we would be well advised to think of what is not simply possible but what is probable. Who is more likely to succeed in sales, an individual who is always negative and rejects coaching or someone who has an upbeat attitude and readily accepts guidance?

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Keep Reading, Keep Studying

Owing to desktop computers, laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, smart televisions, the Internet, digital publications and satellite television and radio, in addition to traditional media vehicles like newspapers,


Staying Successful

Do not allow your success to become a prelude to failure. What do I mean? Well, in business for example, sometimes when we become successful we start believing


Saving and Spending

Want to save money? Stop spending it! At first, this might sound like ludicrous advice; it seems so obvious. However, how many of us spend time thinking about


The Path of Wisdom; a Poem

Slept. Bereft. In jest. No connection. Just dejection. No self-reflection or auto-correction. What should be my new direction? What is your conjecture? No need to be demure. I


A Winter’s Hope; a Poem

Cold of winter, sun at dawn, praying for all that keeps us warm. A way to go, still not there. Life is tough. Life’s not fair. A call,


Beauty and the Brain: Amen Clinics Research and Weight Loss Director, the Dynamic and Insightful Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D., Back With the Low Down on Improving Our Brains While Benefiting Our Looks!

We live in a looks obsessed society. Beauty is a multibillion dollar industry. Images, be they online, on television, in the movies or in magazines, fill our minds


Desperdiciar Menos Tiempo

Me hubiera gustado llamar esta columna “La Completa Eliminación de Tiempo Perdido”, pero eso hubiese sido una pérdida de tiempo. ¿Por qué? La respuesta se encuentra en la


Wasting Less Time

I would have liked to call this column “The Complete Elimination of Wasted Time,” but that would have been a waste of time. Why? The answer lays in


Dealing with Life’s Chaos

Often, life seems overwhelming – absolutely, positively overwhelming. Health challenges, expenses, career issues, perhaps children to care for, we can find ourselves, seemingly all of a sudden, dragged

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