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Sí pero no (Yes but no)

I find the intersection of culture and language fascinating.

Some of us learn new languages simply because we have a passion for them. Then there are those of us who are compelled to learn other languages. This could be for a variety of reasons, like moving to another country or for work.

Whatever the case, speaking more than one language can provide an incredible educational opportunity. Learning another language can serve as a tool, giving us the ability to communicate with more people. It also helps us gain insight into other cultures, while providing us ample opportunity to reflect on our own culture. Culture and language are inextricably interwoven.

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Ron Perlman 2015, Ron Perlman Book, Easy Street The Hard way

The Great Ron Perlman: Actor Extraordinaire, Author and Man of Insight Opens Up About His Work, His Life and His Book, Easy Street (The Hard Way)

Succeeding in show business calls for the ability to overcome personal doubt, while at the same time dealing with a variety of other adversities. Rarely does a person


The Number 4, a Poem

Wizily, tizily, bizily, boo I can man a fran, so can you Igity, tigity, sigity, bip You like to stand around running your lip Pohity, wohity, himity, hobahon Writing a grease is like


Impactful Quotes from Gungahababa, a Tale

At various times and at various places, Gungahababa said: “In the celestial forest, among the flowers and the trees, runs a stream called life, populated by the birds and


Starting Your Own Business: Initiative

For a large number of us, work is a fundamental part of our lives. And, when it comes to work, we have a choice. We can work for


You Need Not Live in Fear; a Poem

Existential cotton candy The world caught up in drinking brandy Clowns, clowns, they are all around Greetings from pseudo friends abound Hey! Now, the circus has come to town Down and out, a

Bobby Rooney, Boxing Bobby Rooney

Mayweather/Pacquiao: Former Professional Fighter, Current Trainer and Serious Student of the Sweet Science, Bobby Rooney, Joins Us to Break Down One of the Biggest Boxing Matches in Recent Times

A few years back, we asked the now late, great boxing historian Bert Sugar whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would eventually fight. In fact, it was


Corn Understands; a Poem

Corn. Golden and yellow, it knows what you think. It does. Prove that it does not. Can you? Corn. Ah niblets and their knowledge. The ear of corn,



Technology continues to evolve at an ever more rapid pace. It continuously seems there is more and more to know and to keep up with. Workplace responsibilities compete



La tecnología continúa desarrollándose a un paso aún más rápido. Continuamente parece que hay más y más que saber y ponerse al día. Las responsabilidades de trabajo compiten

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