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Sampson Strong Reads; a Tale

[*Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between a character in this tale and any person living or dead are merely coincidental.]

“No song need be unsung if you unbridle your heart, unburden your soul and free your mind.”

“Just because you should does not mean you can, but just because you cannot right now does not mean you won’t in the future. And, remember, there are those who can and won’t at any time. It is the will that is the controlling factor.”

“The meaning of meaning stems from the seeming of seeming.”

Mr. Sampson Strong sat reading quotes from Sir Wilbury W. Wadsworth’s, Worthwhile Words to the Wise, 7th Edition. Strong had been feeling less than strong lately and was seeking inspiration where he could find it. Wadsworth’s compilation of quotes, anecdotes and short stories was a good starting point for gaining inspiration and strength, as well as insight into the human condition.

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Y luego, actúe

En varias ocasiones he escrito acerca de la necesidad de tener planeación apropiada como una manera de lograr una meta. Esta meta podría estar en el área de


And Then Act

On various occasions I have written about the need for proper planning as a way to accomplish a goal. This goal could be within the realm of school,


A Bunch of Stuff Hit Me! A Poem

A bunch of stuff hit me. And so goes life; birth, toil and often strife. But let’s face it; life dishes up good stuff too. Hard to remember


Challenges and Lists

Years ago, my father commented to me that “Life deals cards daily.” How true that is. Sometimes we are dealt aces and we feel like we are on


El apremio y la compra

Cuando de compras se trata, el término “apremiante”, usualmente se aplica cuando existe una percepción de tiempo limitado para completar una transacción. Todos hemos leído y escuchado anuncios


A Quick Note to Self

Dear Self, Please pay attention: Life is short. Yeah, you do not like to think about that, but it is. Show the people who are important to you the


El milagro de lo pequeño

Vivimos en un mundo que celebra lo grande. Nos dicen que más grande, es siempre mejor. Nos esforzamos por tener casas más grandes, y coches más grandes. Cuando


Tener una relación sana con el tiempo

¿A qué le llamamos mucho tiempo? ¿Qué es un corto período de tiempo? ¿Qué es demasiado tiempo? ¿Y lo que no es tiempo suficiente? Las respuestas a estas preguntas


A Healthy Relationship with Time

What is a long time? What is a short time? What is too much time? What is not enough time? The answers to these questions are largely dictated

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