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George Kappas of the Ferrari Driving School

George Kappas: Hypnosis help for Lohan; Florence Henderson, Imagery and Dancing with the Stars

With Lindsay Lohan reported to be leaving the Betty Ford Center this coming week, many are wondering how she will handle post-rehab life. Some media outlets have relayed that Ms. Lohan is going to work with a sponsor as part […]

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Gloria Allred

Glorious Gloria Allred: On Lohan-Holland, Christy Martin, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and More

It was recently reported that Lindsay Lohan had a run-in with a Betty Ford Center employee. The employee claimed Ms. Lohan committed battery against her and wanted to

Michael Lohan: Speaks to CYInterview Days Before Lindsay’s Latest Troubles

The father of Lindsay Lohan is back to share the latest on his life, as well as the latest on his troubled daughter who is currently in rehab

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred: Hunger Strike, The ERA and La Lohan

This summer we caught up with irrepressible, über-lawyer Gloria Allred. Whatever your opinion of Attorney Allred is, she always makes for a good listen. She is smart, successful

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon: A (Jewish) Rapper’s Triumph Over Tragedy

We’ve heard a similar story like this one before. It was portrayed on the big screen in 2002 with Marshall Mathers better known as Eminem. The movie was

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Michael Lohan: Advice to Rachel Uchitel & Didn’t Tweet, Won’t Dive

The father of Lindsay Lohan says Rachel Uchitel – who has stated that she is not Tiger Woods’s mistress – needs to take things for what they’re worth,

Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, Lohan,

Brothel Girl Rescuing Michael Lohan: Ronson is Rude & Vile, Dina & I Get Along

The last handful of years have been rough for Michael Lohan. Today, however, he says he is on a positive track. He claims to be helping the homeless

Gloria Allred

3 Experts On Lohan

Chris Yandek interviews three professionals on different angles regarding Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles and young Hollywood. Yandek spoke with director Michelangelo Pinto of the Ferrari Driving School in

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais on Working with Lohan, Playboy

It couldn’t be a more interesting time for actress Garcelle Beauvais. The pregnant mother of boy twins and August’s Playboy cover girl co-stars across Lindsay Lohan in I

Roy Black

Roy Black Talks Lohan

Garcelle Beauvais couldn’t disagree with me that Lindsay Lohan is a method actress. Actors use method acting to draw on their own real life experiences to become the

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