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Repeat After Me, Omar Benson Miller is Not Forest Whitaker: The CSI: Miami Actor Speaks About His Career, Working with the Incredible Mya and the Fact that he is Not Forest

Next month will make five years since we spoke with actor Omar Benson Miller [see here]. You might recall the actor for his role in the Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez movie Shall We Dance or for his recurring spot on the TV show CSI: Miami.

Over the years, people have ended up on CYInterview in their quest to figure out if Mr. Miller is related to Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker. In 2008, Omar told us a rumor began on Wikipedia which led some to believe the two were related. Though no one can deny the physical resemblance, they are not related.

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Former NHLer Chris Nilan Gets Candid about His Life as a Hockey Enforcer; Talks About the New Documentary, The Last Gladiators

In recent years, we have seen numerous accounts of what happens to professional athletes after their careers are over. More than ever, we are seeing the pains athletes

Christian Slater, Chris Yandek, Miami Make A Wish Ball, Actors, Celebrities, Red Carpet, Miami Make A Wish Gala

Christian Slater with Stallone for Bullet to the Head in February

A couple of weeks ago, at the 18th Annual Intercontinental Miami Make-A-Wish Foundation Ball, I caught up with Christian Slater. The actor told me he will be appearing

Laura San Giacomo, Actress, Acting, Least Among Saints, Movies, Movies 2012, Acting 2012, Pretty Woman

A Pretty Woman Too! Laura San Giacomo: From Pretty Woman and Quigley Down Under to Just Shoot Me and Saving Grace and Now Starring in Least Among Saints, the Talented Actress Opens Up About Her Career, Her Current Film, More

In her movie and television career, Laura San Giacomo’s time on screen has been memorable. The actress is probably best known for her roles in the movies Pretty

No Rush Job: 2012 Australian of the Year, Academy/Emmy/Tony Award Winner, Geoffrey Rush Speechifies With CYInterview; Talks About His Film, The Eye of the Storm; Meeting the Queen; Keeping Dreams Alive; More

With an acting career spanning decades, acting triple crown winner Geoffrey Rush is not slowing down when it comes to entertaining and enlightening us. Most will recall his

Ernest Borgnine

Remembering Ernest Borgnine

Back in 2008, I had the pleasure of CYInterviewing Ernest Borgnine. I was saddened to hear of his passing last week. I was honored to speak with the

Virginia Madsen, Acting, Actors, Actress, The Magic of Belle Isle, Movies 2012, Oscar Nominated Actors, Morgan Freeman

Mad About Madsen: Academy Award Nominee Virginia Madsen on Her Latest Film, The Magic of Bell Isle; Dishes on Kiss With Morgan Freeman, More

Actress Virginia Madsen has been entertaining us since the early 1980s. From roles in Candyman to her 2004 Oscar nominated performance in Sideways, Virginia has become one of

Rob Riggle, 21 Jump Street, Acting, Actors, Comedy Central, Movies, Comedic Actors, Comedy

Wriggling Out of Stereotypes: Actor/Marine Rob Riggle Defies Limitations; Enjoys Movie Success While Serving; Talks Acting, the Military, Working with Tom Hanks and His Latest Role in 21 Jump Street With Jonah Hill

For anyone who thinks a person cannot serve in the military and have a career in show business at the same time, they need to think again.

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Frank Grillo: In The Grey, Out This Weekend – Is 2012 the Year this Journeyman Actor Conquers Hollywood? In Films Opposite Liam Neeson (The Grey), Sean Penn, Bruce Willis, Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhal; Reveals Secrets to Staying Young

Coming off a role in thee 2011, critically acclaimed movie Warrior, about MMA fighters, actor Frank Grillo now looks ahead to one of the biggest challenges of his

Victor Webster, The Mummy, Scorpion King Movies, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption, Actors, Martial Arts, MMA, Movies, Mummy Movies

Diverse Be Thy Name: Scorpion King 3 Star Victor Webster Talks, Modeling, Fighting, Finance and Film

With a background in fighting, finance and film, actor Victor Webster’s story is multidimensional. With a black belt in tae kwan do and an undefeated record, as an

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