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Ric Drasin: The 2012 Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Bodybuilder, Pro Wrestler and Entrepreneur Speaks out on Lance Armstrong, Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports, More

Last week we heard CYInterview regular, Washington State head football coach Mike Leach offering some thoughts on Lance Armstrong [see here]. For another perspective on Mr. Armstrong, as well as on the world of performance enhancing drugs, we welcome back another CYInterview regular, Ric Drasin. Ric is a bodybuilder, pro wrestler, actor, host of the popular YouTube show Ric’s Corner and a former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Bodybuilder, Pro Wrestler, Fitness Buff Ric Drasin, Joins Us for a Candid Discussion on America’s Health and How Diet and Exercise Might Alleviate Some of Our Nation’s Financial Burdens.

We have spent a good deal of time on CYInterview focusing on the financial condition of the United States of America. We have spoken with people in Congress

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