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  • Tiny the Giraffe, a Tale

    [*Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this tale and any giraffe, owl, llama, lion, dolphin or other animal or person, living or dead, are merely coincidental.] Giraffes are tall. We all know this. But Tiny was the tallest giraffe in his tower. Tower, it is said, is what you call a group of giraffes. A herd of hippos, a gaggle of geese, a tower of giraffes – interesting. Anyway, being a particularly tall giraffe carries with it pros and cons. certainly, it can make you the pride of your tower. At the same time, it can make it difficult to speak with your other friends in the jungle. Tiny was a fine, friendly giraffe and he had many friends in the animal kingdom. He was good friends with hippos and hermit crabs, rhinos and rabbits, monkeys and mules, lions and llamas, etc. This meant a lot of bending his neck to speak with his friends. And over time, Tiny’s neck and back began to ache. So, he did what any reasonable, particularly tall giraffe would do. He decided to consult a neckologist.