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So Hip She’s Got It Nailed: Jenna Hipp, Hollywood’s Nail Stylist to the Stars Talks Manis, Pedis, Going Green for Hand and Foot Care and What Nail Styles are Passé or Should Never Have Happened

For many women in America, as well as around the world, manicures and pedicures serve not only as part of a personal grooming regimen but as a way of demonstrating personal style. For Jenna Hipp, a celebrity nail stylist based […]

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The Best CYInterviews of 2011; Nuff Said!

One of our favorite contributors, Dr. Robi Ludwig, joins us for an almost one hour discussion of some of the best CYInterviews of the year. We get to

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Zoe Saldana: Talented and Hot, She’s the Tough Gal Lead in Colombiana; Tells CYInterview She Never Had an Emotional Breakdown and What Really Happened; Talks Avatar, Interracial Relationships and More

I knew who Zoe Saldana was before she rose to A-List status, well before actually. I’d been following her career since early on, years before she garnered worldwide

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